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Dr. John Filo DC


Hello, I'm Dr. John Filo, an expert in the field of Endonasal Balloon Therapy also known as Functional Cranial Release. I've performed hundreds of procedures and with 20+ years  of clinical experience, am uniquely qualified to exam, diagnose and successfully treat the most complex cranial and facial structural obstructive cases. 

Reasons Why You Should See Dr. John Filo

If you've experienced or been told by health care professionls any of what's written below, please contact me by filling out the consultation form below. All phone consultations are at no cost to you. 

  • Painful chronic sinus infections that are getting worse each year

  • Difficulty breathing through your nostrils

  • Deviated Septum, facial or cranial asymmetry

  • Post Concussion Symptoms (PCS) that are lingering for months and years after the injury 

  • Sports related PCS (hockey, MMA, rugby, football, lacrosse)

  • Chronic TMJ or jaw pain not improved after using dental appliances

  • Facial pain - not related to trigeminal neuralgia

  • Eustachian Tube blockages causing tinnitus and ear pain from chronic cold/flu infections

  • Brain fog, balance and/or vestibular problems 

  • You have seen multiple doctors and specialists with no avail

  • You have been told you need invasive and/or drastic surgery to correct the problem

  • You have had failed ENT surgeries

  • You have been told there is no fix or "it is all in your head"

Have Questions Or Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

Dr. Filo would be happy to speak with you over the phone to better understand your current situation. Fill out the Request A Consultation Form below and we will contact you to schedule a phone consult with Dr. Filo.

Request A Consultation

Please fill out the following form to request a no cost phone consult with Dr. John Filo

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