Dr. John Filo is a practicing Chiropractor and Meditation Coach in Toronto, Canada.  He has a passion for integrating both science and spirituality through mind, body and soul.  His studies in Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and Patanjali Yoga along with consciousness research in quantum physics, neurology and cognitive sciences comprise his practice and coaching style. He also teaches a six month virtual meditation teacher training program and holds weekend meditation and vedanta study workshops around the world.  His new book " Soul Being - Awakening the True Self " is soon to be published in summer of 2021

Soul Being

awakening the true self


to be released - summer 2021

We are human beings, but how do we live a life aligned with our Soul Being ? 


Dr. John explores the ancient wisdom teachings and how we can apply them through meditation, discernment and daily practice to awaken our true self.  

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